浙江省作為中國經濟最有活力的省份之一,對外投資的企業數量在全國排名第一,逐步成為名副其實的“金融大省”和制造業大省,且構建了縱橫全球的跨國營銷網絡,同時浙江也成為外部資本和技術、高端人才的集聚區。浙江的騰飛離不開具有開拓精神、善于經營管理的本土化高層次人才。我們將融合自身的優勢和時代需要, 以開闊的胸襟、前瞻的視野、務實的精神,以服務民族工業為己任,致力于傳播先進的管理方法和實踐,培養具有國際視野、進取、誠信和具有創新創業能力與團隊合作精神,具備“管理、經濟、信息”復合知識結構和較強實踐能力,適應全球化和互聯網時代需求的中高級工商管理人才。

  Rooted in Zhejiang's active innovation and entrepreneurial culture, to conform to the trend of economic globalization and the Zhejiang economic transformation and upgrading, putting Zhejiang’s rise as our mission, HDU MBA center has gathered a large number of experienced teachers with deep theoretical foundation, and set up a professional management team.
  As China's most economically vibrant provinces, Zhejiang Province ranks first in the country according to the number of foreign investment enterprises, and builds transnational global marketing network. Zhejiang has also become a gathering area of the external capital and technology, high-end talent. Zhejiang’s take-off can not be separated from a pioneering spirit, and the local high-level intelligence being good at management. We will combine our strengths and needs of the times, with open-mind, forward-looking vision and pragmatic spirit to serve the national industry, commit to the dissemination of advanced management methods and practices, cultivate enterpriser and middle-and-high-level managers with international vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and team spirit, with the practical comprehensive knowledge of management, economics and information to adapt to globalization and informationization .
  Here is full of information exchange and knowledge dissemination, collision of thought and Enlightenment of wisdom. Here is the concept of promotion and network expansion. Here is full of sweat of hard work and the joy of success. Wish you a rich and colorful life here.

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